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M.A. Tech's powerful Access Control solution, designed for ease-of-use and flexibility, combines intuitive user interface software with versatile hardware, delivering absolute control and real-time views from any web browser device.

Easy to use software

M.A. Tech delivers a smart, responsive software solution that is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. It provides centralized monitoring and management of access to doors, elevators and other protected spaces located throughout facilities of any size, including multi-site installations.

Key Features

Scales With Your Business

M.A. Tech accommodates any sized business, from small and enterprise, with the ability to easily upgrade as your business grows.

Built-in Motion Detection

Our controllers are the only access controllers with integrated PIR/Request to Exit Motion built right into the panel.

Flexible Mounting Options

Track time spent in specific areas, manage custom reports, easily create interactive maps of your devices in your facilities.

More than just security

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