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Our camera-based parking sensors are fully automated and do not use or rely on human intervention to function properly.
With M.A. Tech's camera based multi-function parking sensor, you have complete control of your parking management system. Our built-in parking enhancement features will help you increase your parking capacity to 100%, track vehicles of interest, monitor customers, provide detailed parking statistics, and maximize your parking revenues.


Camera-based sensor

One sensor monitors up to 6 spaces

“Find My Car” functionality 

License plate recognition

Video stream capture

Wide angle, fish eye surveillance camera

Virtual Nesting


Our Ultrasonic parking guidance system provides visual indication to driver while searching for a vacant parking spaces
M.A. Tech's ultrasonic parking guidance system reduces “time to find a space” by 44%. It noticeably reduces congestion in the car park, allowing for faster exiting speed (by around 10%) and creates 100% usage of the car. park by making every space “visible” to the drivers with decision point signage. Also less labor is required to manage the parking.


User friendly graphical interface.

Real time monitoring of parking space availability. 

Reporting & statistics.

Customer floor plan can be embedded in software.

         Status monitoring of ultra-sonic sensors and electronic signs.

          System alerts for exceeding parking vehicles in transit and more.

 Data sharing interface with city way finding systems.


Our parking sensors are the most sophisticated in the industry.

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